Commissioned Painting

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema’s “An Earthly Paradise”

Alma-Tadema, An Earthly Paradise lg




Late last year an art patron whom I know had recently returned from a trip to Europe with his wife.  They had seen this painting in a touring exhibition and as it came to pass asked me if I could recreate the piece.  Sir Lawrence was a respected Dutch painter living in England and had achieved both artistic and financial success in his career.  His style of realism is different from the usual style in which I paint preferring impasto layers of paint to thinner layers which evolve into the finished piece.  So, this is what has been on my easel for the past few months.  I was certainly a lesson in patience in bringing all the elements to conclusion.  Click on the image to enlarge it.  A small note, regretfully the digital color reproduction fell short of the true colors of the painting.  The values should be a little darker with better color saturation.  After this project of detail and constraint I think that the next few pieces will be much looser in expression.

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