“Early Snow on Cathedral Peak”

117 Early Snow on Cathedral Peak std

This is a scene from  are from a hiking trip that I took to Colorado in the early fall of 2012; the painting is 20″ x 30″ oil on linen.  The challenge for the week or so that I was there was that the sun rarely came out, mostly the skies were filled with overcast clouds and light rain.  On this day on a hike up to Cathedral Lake the sun came out for a half an hour before clouding over again and a snow squall blew in.  This painting represents the approach to the lake which is over the ridge in the background at the foot of the main peak.

The sky was a brilliant blue with light wind blown clouds, soon to disappear. The foliage of the growth along the valley floor contrasts with the evergreens and blue spruce.  A cloud blocks the sun along the ridge on the left and the mountains show a dusting of new snow proclaiming the start of winter.  There are contrasts of complimentary colors and styles of brushwork, the rock formations are simply expressed, the trees are represented in contrasts of light and shadow against the multi-layered vegetation on the lower slopes.  There are several other works from this trip which I’ll post soon.

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